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rent me!

                 Unique in Moorea!


discover Moorea in the most beautiful way! Ecological, Electric and without noise your walks will have another flavor! Walk along the lagoon and enjoy the beauty of the landscapes at your own pace and in complete autonomy!


With the appearance of a roadster look scooter, our Coco Riders are simply great vehicles, a great alternative to electric bikes!

Its big wheels allow the most novices to use it easily.


"Its stability makes it its first strength".


Our Coco Riders are hybrid electric vehicles between electric scooters, can ride, and scooter. More flexible than a scooter less limited in use than a bike our Coco Rider are really the solution to be mobile in Moorea.

Our Coco Riders can be driven from 18 years, ideal for walks with family or friends! Limited speed.

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what rider are you?