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Are you the guest at Lagoon Dream?

You will receive the PROMO CODE for an exclusive discount for all rentals at Coco Rider Moorea.


-range of 320km

- Tinted windows

-automatic gear

-Air conditioning

options for the delivery at the ferry dock, airport, dock cruise,Hilton,...

-5 seat

- trunk capacity: 1 suitcase

Price: 6900F per day ( 60$)

With its sporty look, enjoy the most beautiful roads in Moorea at the wheel of the new MG 4


-420 kilometers of autonomy (ideal stay of 4 to 5 days without recharging)

- electric tinted window

-automatic gearbox

Delivery possible to ferry docks, airports, cruise ships, Hilton, etc.

-5 seat

- trunk capacity: 2 suitcase + 1 cabin bag

Price 10,000F per day

-Range of 400km

-panoramic sunroof

-electrically tinted windows

-air conditioning

-5 seat

- trunk capacity: 2 suitcase + 2 cabin bags

Price: 14000XPF (125$) the first day and 10,000F (88$) the following. 

rechager votre véhicule

Our Vehicles all have a range of more than 320km. Don't forget that to go around our island it only takes 64km!


If, however, you need to recharge your vehicle, 3 terminals across the island are at your disposal. To recharge it's simple!

A magnetic card is left for you in the vehicle; simply go to a charging point, plug in your car and scan the card.


Just time to go drink your cocktail and your car is sufficiently recharged!  

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